How does the process work?

If you've attended a Research underground (AKA a non-club event)...

You don't need to fill a membership request out again. Just use the same email that you used when you submitted that membership request when registering your account.

If you have not...

Fill out a membership request. If everything looks good, we send you an email. If the event is a few weeks away, this can take a few days. After you are sent this email, register with the same email that you used when completing the membership request. You can now buy tickets for Research.

If you have any issues, please contact us at

Why do I need to fill out a request to buy tickets?

Research is a semi-private community of like-minded dancers. This is part our effort to create a comfortable, safe environment. It's rare that someone doesn't comply with our safer space policy and we have to bounce/ban someone. If it does happen, this system helps ensure that they're not allowed into future events. In addition, this approach helps to ensure that those who attend are fully aligned with our mission.

What if I've already had my membership request approved?

You shouldn't need to fill a form out again. Just use the same email that you used when you submitted that request when registering your account. If you have any issues, just send us an email at

Can I tell my friends about Research?

If you can vouch for them, of course! If you bring a guest that doesn't abide by our safer space policy, you may be banned as well.

Each account can only purchase two tickets per event.

How much are tickets?

"The most affluent 20% of Seattle households — roughly 69,000 of the city’s 344,600 households — had an average income of $345,000 in 2020. The least affluent 69,000 households averaged about $18,800 — an extremely small amount in a city with one of the highest costs of living."
- The Seattle Times

Although our events often operate on thin margins, we believe that no should be turned away for a lack of funds. At our events, we offer a tiered ticketing system with prices that typically range from $25 to $40. If you're down with the cause and have the financial means, leave a tip at checkout.

Is the price out of your budget?

Send us an email with your full name, whether you need 1 or 2 tickets, and how much you'd be able to pay.

Ticket Exchanges

While we can't guarantee refunds, if you are no longer able to make it you may transfer your ticket to another approved Research member. If you are transferring, please email us by 8 PM the day of Research.

If you don't know anyone you can transfer your ticket to, send us an email at and we will try to resell your ticket.


We want Research to be a comfortable place for everyone. These are behaviors that are not allowed…

Non-Consensual Touching

Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Sexist or other Discriminatory Language

Leering / Gawking / Creepy Staring

Violence or any type of threatening behavior

Ignoring signage regarding restricted areas.

Failure to comply may result with you being banned from Research.

Also, please be conscious of other people's space. Leave glow toys at home. For the sake of the vibe, 📵 don't use your phone or take pictures on/around the dancefloor. If you think it's kosher to ask the DJ for a song request, you're in the wrong place. Don't forget to have fun & welcome to the underground! 👽


"The city’s most reliable source for seeing high-quality DJ’s"

- The Stranger


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